Monachostian Graalism

Monachostian Graalism is a new religion based on the prophecy of Michael Warren. The name derives from ancient Greek monachos, “man alone” and from Old French graal, “bowl”.  This new faith is based on the prophet’s ken (vision) of the Graaling.

The Graaling is a new cosmology that declares that the universe had no beginning and can have no end. There was no Creation and no Creator. The Graaling holds that being is a bowl: it manifests as a circle, which has no beginning and no end; its nature is first form; its truth is the dimension of depth and the span of breadth; its capacity is becoming—all that enter are becoming, become else within, become else upon exit. Over the millennia, the bowl will collapse on itself, be changed and will be expelled to form a new bowl.

The prophecy maintains that all gods are false and that all being is essential: it has an essence that propels it towards a First Form, the fulfillment of that essence. The goal of Man and Culture is to understand and facilitate the realization of First Forms. The prophecy denies that human life is existential and declares that the visions of its prophets will guide Man towards the highest mental, ethical, intellectual, emotional and artistic life that the First Form of the human spirit is trying to realize.

The prophet is writing the sacred text of Monachostian Graalism, the Ken Graaling. The Ken Graaling will have six books:

Anagenisis—(to regenerate structure) The Graaling and the structure of being.

Anabasis—(to go up) The movement towards essence.

Anaclasis—(to bend back) The movement away from essence.

Anacalypsis—(uncovering, revelation) The birth of Monachos and the rise of the First Society; the war against the First Society.

Anabiosis—(return to life) Monachos re-creates the First Society.

Anacrusis—(to push back) The diaspora of the First Society.

For more information, contact the prophet.