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Novelist, Folk Artist, Executive Coach In The Wild, Political Thinker, Philosopher, Seeker Of Wild Trout

Michael Warren was born in the rebel State of South Carolina under the cardinal fire sign of Aries, is descended from Highland Scots, and began writing at an early age. To say he is an independent, passionately creative man is to say that the Sun is merely a ReddSkye_portrait_smallcandle. His literary work focuses on the meaning of cultural forms in maintaining the human spirit. His tetralogy, The Glory River Saga, examines the four components of the human spirit: love, honor, beauty and truth. His folk art drawings using colored pencils are powerful, colorful conceptual representations of his written work.

The Estrangement Of The Rain God, now available in a second edition from Righter Publishing, tells the story of a loving father expelled from his home, separated from his children by divorce and struggling to remain a loving father after being cast into the outside half of divorce. But this novel also reveals the nature of spiritual truth.

State Rebellion: A Plan for Fighting the Redcoats in Washington, DC, which is available now from Righter Publishing, is a discrete plan for the States to permanently restrict the power and growth of the entire Federal government, including the current dangerously unrestricted Supreme Court.

The Cripple Goat, which will be published in 20xx, tells the story of an intelligence operative who returns from the war in Southeast Asia, his spirit broken by his acts of war and the captivity he endured, and struggles to regain the fire that lit his spirit before the war. But this novel also discloses the meaning of honor in society.

Paradise Blue, yet to be written, will tell the story of a man who is terrified by wildness in nature. After committing murder during a scouting patrol in the jungle of a South Pacific island during World War II, he returns home and destroys the wildness of the land he inherits from his father. But this novel uncovers a crucial aspect of love.

Redd Isle, not yet written, will tell the story of a sea captain who discovers an uncharted island and uses it to completely escape from society. But this novel will unseal the full power of beauty.

Song Of The Pariah, which will be published in 20xx, will tell the story of a man who is a romantic pariah and a woman who is a social pariah. But this memoir tells who the pariah’s drum really beats for.

StrategicStreams, which will be published in 20xx, will analyze the failure of business strategy in the 21st century and propose a new paradigm to help American corporations more successfully compete in the global economy.

The Ken Graaling, which will be published sometime before his death, is a work of post-theistic, essentialist philosophy that defines the true nature of the human spirit and the structure of physical reality.

Michael founded, a retro-Federalist society, to foment State rebellion and assist in the adoption of the Palmetto Manifesto, which will radically redistribute government back to the States.

Michael is descended from Carter Braxton, who signed the Declaration Of Independence for Virginia, and he cares deeply about the fate of the republic his family helped to found. He is equally concerned about the fate of mankind as he begins to move among the stars.

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