About My First Novel

You know the drill: she wants you out of the house and you don’t have a chance in court. Courts don’t put the wife out of the house–the husband always goes curbside.

The problem is, his kids are still inside and, since the day they were born, he has been a vital emotional force in their lives and a loving father.

The lawyers divide the assets in half–only the husband gets the outside half. The outside half doesn’t have the kids, the fridge with the kids’ artwork, baseball trophies, science fair blue ribbons, the kitchen on Saturday morning when Dad makes banana pancakes, the kids’ beds for bedtime stories and tucking in, the first-aid kit for tending to cuts and scrapes, the piano for impromptu recitals and singing Christmas songs, the mantle for hanging stockings, the tree swing for riding graceful, giggling arcs, the oven where Dad makes his mouth-watering pies with his homemade crust, the dining room table for presenting Dad’s fabulous Thanksgiving turkey or his succulent Christmas goose, the big maple in the backyard where Dad helps you unburden your anger at Mom and the unfairness of the world.


The outside half of divorce has no furniture, no pots and pans, no plates and dishes, no silverware and utensils, no sheets and towels, no appliances, no decor, no art, no history, no memories, no magic, no love, no kids.

The husband gets the outside half of divorce, the wife gets the inside half, and the husband must continue to be the same loving father he always was. It is not easy to manage this awful task, but the husband must. No child has ever been born on this planet, or ever will be born on this planet, who does not urgently need their father to love them and guide them and preserve the romance of the human spirit in the agonizing legacy of divorce.

My First Novel

My novel, The Estrangement of the Rain God, is my story of The Outside Half Of Divorce. The second edition is now available from Righter Publishing. My book will help you deal with your Outside Story. Buy it for yourself, recommend it to your buddies in a similar fix, suggest it to friends in book clubs and bring it to the attention of your divorce lawyer and her divorce lawyer.

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