The War With Russia 2014 Dispatch 1


The Rain God Small

On August 8, 1783, Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, annexed Crimea into the Russian Empire, “from now until the end of time.” On February 19, 1954, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR transferred Crimea from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.


With the current annexation of Crimea, which began in late 2013, and was escalated by the invasion of Russian troops in February 2014 and was internally formalized by the Kremlin in March of 2014, Russia, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, started a war with the West. Cowed by the former Soviet Union after World War II, western Europe seduced America into providing for its physical protection and then squandered its own rising fortunes on liberal, anti-military policies. By the time the Berlin Wall came down and Germany was re-unified, western Europe had lost the resolve, the courage and the assets to quash the evil that its persisting feudal societies necessarily generate. Once again, Europe’s political backwardness will unleash the dogs of war.


Following Hitler’s Kampf of ethnic Nazism, Putin inserted his storm troopers into Georgia in 2008 and annexed two provinces while the West did not even rise to the pantywaist response of appeasement. Next, Fyurer Putin deployed his goose-steppers to Ukraine, principally in Crimea, and furtively into Moldova. Russia seized Crimea without so much as a show of force from the West and is massing Russian troops on the border of Ukraine. Europe, as is its wont, convened talks as Putin convened killers. America and western Europe prattle about sanctions as the souls of Jews and Poles howl.


The winds of war are once again blowing on the Continent and once again the pantywaists in Washington, London, Berlin and Paris look the other way as the forerunners of a massive bloodbath again prey on the weakness of deliberating, but not deliberate, governments. If you want to know how Hitler rose to his demonic dominance while the world stood idle or how Pol Pot bludgeoned two million people to death with bamboo sticks as the world pretended not to see, just pay attention. The world is once again baiting the hounds of hell while imagining it is strewing rose petals.


While the United States has a weak, ineffective and incompetent president, and Europe is busy unraveling itself, Fyurer Putin will seize eastern Ukraine past Kiev to the Dnieper river. Simultaneously, Russian shock troops will invade Moldova and the rest of Georgia. One thing Putin learned in his KGB training and undoubtedly reflected upon while he was stationed in Dresden, Germany, site of Churchill’s Holocaust, was how simple the Allied strategy was that fractured and toppled the Soviet Union. Bankruptcy, induced by an arms race, got the job done. Fyurer Putin has obviously concluded that if he can bankrupt Europe, he can topple NATO. With that as a strategy, the tactics are clear.


Fyurer Putin will seize territory to consolidate his power, squeeze more gas and oil dollars out of western Europe and militarily menace the milksop EU. He will continue to seize more territory until a frightened Europe gives its tacit assent for the Germans to re-arm. The French and Italians are useless and the British will once more realize that they are not part of the Continent.


As much as Europeans fear a German military, they did defeat it on the battlefield. Against the Russians, they have no world war victories. As Germany pours money into armaments, its economy, the main engine of the EU, will sputter and begin to fail. The North/South split in Europe, fanned by another enormous Euro crisis, will fracture the EU, which will go the way of the Warsaw Pact. The non-federated countries of Europe will collapse into bankruptcy. Russia will rule Eurasia and the Chinese will grow meek and quiet. The Japanese, following the German model, will re-arm. America, gutted economically and militarily by the inane, inept policies of Obama’s hoi polloi politics, will be sidelined but the price of its vodka, in purely economic terms, will precipitously decline.


Alas, however, as Robert Burns observed, “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men


Aft gang a-gley,”.


When the unexpected happens, and Russia, at long last in the mind of Fyurer Putin, goes to war with the West, the Europeans—except for the Germans—will dawdle and the Americans, trying to conduct foreign policy with hope and compassion, will do nothing. Only when the European corpses surpass the Jewish high water mark will America, as Japan keeps China from seizing lands to the west, finally kill the Russian bear.


Surveying the acres of new tombstones in Europe, people will ask, “How did we let this happen?” From their graves, the Tatars, deported from Crimea by Stalin in 1944, will answer, “The world has no memory of evil and sees it afresh each time it emerges, though it is picking its teeth and sharpening its claws all the while.”


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