The Life Of A Prophet

The Rain God SmallPeople appreciate the lives of dead prophets but can hardly even acknowledge the existence of a living prophet. This is probably natural since explication of the obvious is not prophecy but rather academics. Nevertheless, prophecy itself is actually religion in the sense of the root word for religion, religare. Religare means, “to be bound back.” In speaking of what is to come, prophecy is inextricably connected to what is and what has been.

Prophets do not validate the status quo. If the status quo were valid, there would be no need for prophecy. Prophets are not team players, they do not play well with others, they eschew conventional thinking. Because of this, people have come to expect prophets to have long hair, a beard, wear a caftan and clad their feet with sandals, and to have some connection with Jerusalem.

I am a prophet. As it happens, I do have long hair and a beard. I do not like to wear shoes so I wear flip-flops much of the time. I do not have a caftan. I wear jeans or shorts, depending on conditions. I did crystallize my vision in Jerusalem but Taos is the place where my prophecy began.

My vision is the end of all deistic faiths. They will collapse under the weight of their pomposity, the increasing scale of the known universe and the abandonment of Earth as a home planet. I am currently working on the sacred text of Monokostian Graalism, THE KEN GRAALING. Many years will pass before I complete it.

Hopefully, not many more years will go by before The Big Bang Theory and Quantum Mechanics are exposed for the cosmic frauds that they are. Existence had no beginning and it shall have no end. Things in existence are always becoming their essences, their First Forms, and, through the Graaling itself, which causes the universe to oscillate, essences themselves can be changed. Because there has never been nothingness, creation has never happened and can never happen.

People are not happy with this news and they would prefer that it not be revealed. But what I have said is true. It shall come to pass. I will be long dead. But if my work helps to preserve the human spirit, the thing in existence greater than which there is none, then my work will not have been in vain.

Even so, it is hard to get a date when you are a prophet. Women crave security. A man who declares the religions and isms of man to be false does not give them a warm and fuzzy feeling. Maybe I should wear a caftan, if I get another date.
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