State Rebellion Against Lincoln’s Imperial Legacy

The Rain God Small

Abe Lincoln sold out the American Republic for Empire. In contemporary politics, it was  known as the American System, and so feverishly desired by Lincoln that he started and executed a terrible war to get it. What Lincoln coveted was a central government that would eclipse the squabbling States and rule supremely over the entire nation. He yearned for a government vastly superior to the inefficient national government of King George III. The over-powering federal government, which physically and spiritually destroyed the confederation of States that had created the republic, has grown unchallenged in size and power since Lincoln’s confederates birthed it in the blood and haze of battlefield smoke.

Until now. Donald J. Trump was elected to lead the rebellion of States against Lincoln’s imperial legacy.

Most eloquently promoted by Speaker Henry Clay of Kentucky, John Quincy Adams, and John C. Calhoun, this system proposed protective tariffs, a National Bank which would fund massive “internal improvements”, and, by the way, the growing central government which would be required to execute them. Shrewd Yankees realized they could exploit the system by disproportionately taxing Southern agricultural products and property.  Since Yankees controlled Congress, they could then appropriate most of the money for “internal improvements” that benefitted the industry of the North. For years, the North picked the pockets of the South, only to line their own pockets with filthy lucre.

That lucre was spent for arms to violently destroy the last attempt of the States to confederate and rule themselves. In such destruction, Lincoln, who imprisoned people without pressing charges or conducting trials, who illegally suspended habeas corpus twice, who ignored orders of the Supreme Court, triumphed. Lincoln not only got rid of the Southern opposition to empire, he erased States rights from the political memory of the United States. Craftily, Northerners made sure the Southern States paid for their eventual destruction and they paid for years in advance. True, Lincoln himself was killed, but the central government he dreamed of survived him and finally killed the Republic in the political minds of the people.

Until Donald J. Trump’s successful presidential campaign, the idea of the Republic was safely dead in the political hearts of my countrymen. Now, just as in Lincoln’s time, opposition to the American Empire may be arising in the South from the cold ashes of confederation.

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