Trump Tsunami Phase Two: Donald nan Ord

The Rain God Small

In early October 2015, I sent a copy of my book, State Rebellion: A Plan For Fighting The Redcoats In Washington, DC to presidential candidate Donald Trump. On October 12, 2015, I received a letter from the Trump campaign thanking me for the book and stating that the book would be made available to campaign workers.

On November 8, 2016, Americans, in the greatest act of political deconstruction since the Revolution, elected Donald J. Trump to serve, not only as the President of the United States but also as Donald nan Ord, Donald of the Hammers. His namesake, Donald Stewart of Invernahayle, a Scots nobleman, was given the nickname “nan Ord” because of his ability to simultaneously wield a blacksmith’s hammer in each hand. The voters desperately want Donald Trump to destroy the entire Political Establishment that has plagued the land since Woodrow Wilson became President.

Though Trump is known as a builder, nevertheless, he was elected as the Great Destroyer, to lay waste to the institutional corruption and the social perversion that progressives and liberals, known formally as the Democratic Party, have established in America. The longing in the electorate was messianic: they hoped the Outsider would destroy the evil that has been built up by relentless black-hearted vermin. That done, the electorate would cheer the Great Builder as he raised a shining city upon a hill. But first, Donald nan Ord must smash the City of Iniquity to bits.


The transformation in American politics, whose goal is to right the Republic that has foundered, is a ripple from the enormous splash that Brexit has unleashed upon Europe. The wave emanating from the violent eruption is essentially psychological: people simply do not want bland lives in a robotic world. That is the kind of existence that our weak-minded technocrats would have in store for us, if they were given control. In psychic rebellion, the world has turned away from globalism and back to its previous form of organization: tribalism. So who are the tribal leaders Donald nan Ord must confront?

A Prussian woman is in charge in Germany, at a time when our younger generation has no concept of what that means. But the Germans, and their neighbors know. Just ask them if another Prussian in Berlin makes them nervous.

In France, we have a man descended from Normans, what Vikings became when they settled in northwest France. Further tempering that Norman amalgam, as indicated by his name, is a bloodline coming originally from Holland. There is not much Viking remaining in this unpopular and ineffective partial Dutchman. But, there is a great restlessness.

A horseback riding schemer in Russia, who grew up admiring the bronze statue of Peter the Great that dominates his hometown, is consolidating his power. Formerly a colonel in the KGB, he is still seen as a Communist by most observers. But the Communists never made Russia great. In fact, they destroyed Russia and replaced it with the Soviet Union. When Putin rides bare chested into the wind, he does not feel the heat from the west, where Donald nan Ord is rising. Instead, he basks in the glory of Peter the Great, and knows that he also will do great things for Russia.


Putin’s fanciful rides will have more purpose now. The Russian will face a man descended from the one tribe the Romans could not conquer. The one tribe that remained free when the rest of the known world served a tyrannical master in Rome. The one tribe that failed to be penned behind two great walls: Hadrian’s Wall and the Antonine Wall. Putin will confront the man who hails from the wild blue men of Scotland, the Highland Scots and the Picts. Putin will come face-to-face with Donald Trump, Donald nan Ord.


As hammers ring in the Trump/Putin conflict, the EU will fall apart. The Danes, tired of being subservient to mere technocrats in Brussels will be the first continental nation to exit the dying union. The practical Dutch will watch and wait, to exploit and to take advantage of the rubble, then try to escape blamelessly. Italy and Spain will leave next, within a few months of each other. Then France and Germany shall have a grand ceremony for death of the stupendous the endless councils, committees, authorities that were spawned during the life of now moribund Mother That Was Not Born Of A Tribe.

Then the world will reflect on the one lesson it learned from the death of globalism: tribes can have an allegiance to a confederation of tribes but they cannot commit to a confederation that denies all tribal identity. The world is not one tribe nor should it ever hope to be.

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