Trump Tsunami Phase One: Drown The Rats

The Rain God SmallIt is understandable that the mainstream media hasn’t yet detected the messianic heart of the swelling Trump wave. In 1852, the National Republican Party could not see what was right in front of them: they were dying. The Whig Party emerged from the National Republican Party, lasted for a few years, then died away. The political remains were organized by an emerging moral, but not political, force into a nationalist Republican party, which was anti-slavery, and a pro-confederation, pro-slavery Democrat party. The Whigs died because they believed America should be governed as a nation, which is forbidden by the Constitution, and they hoped all of America agreed with them. But many people remained loyal to the federation of States that is defined in the Constitution. That segment remains, beneath.

On the surface, which transfixes us by glinting with mere whim and fantasy—which we insist on calling opinion—and we fail to see a slowly building sea change. Riding up the submerged spine of that piece of original bedrock laid down by the Mayflower Compact, legitimate political authority, this wave against usurped political power, is gathering. Soon it will break upon the bulwark of Washington, D.C. and drown the rats feeding at their accustomed stations.

The sonorous and witless Republican Party will gurgle, sink, and be swept out to sea. The Vassar despoiled, Arkansas-infused trailer trash, corrupt, vagina-wielding, immoral, money-grubbing, sagging, old, pants-suit clad Jezebel known as Hillary Clinton and the sick, diseased, perverted, liberal, progressive Democrat Party, whose nationalist and globalist ambitions she supports and advances, will vanish beneath the waves.

The people’s true call to Mr. Trump is supplication to a savior: protect us from evil. Although he is a builder, the people beseech him to destroy the unclean power that has encrusted our government.

After the flood this fall, the vermin will return. The people will again mistake political power for political authority. Some will resume perversion. They will build another fetid kingdom. They will grow fat. Then, the wind shall rise and drive the sea against the forgotten reef of the Revolution, and the rats shall drown again. After the autumn tsunami, maybe the tip of the reef will lie exposed, to remind the world that the rats are always among us but our wisdom can prevent these sub-human rodents from prevailing.

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